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Atlantic Canada’s Established and Emerging HR Tech Leaders Continue To Break New Ground Helping Employees

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  • Writer's pictureThe CareerBeacon Team

In today’s highly competitive labor market, employers need to adopt cutting-edge strategies in order to attract the talent needed to fill their open positions. Companies need to be nimble, they need to be fast, and they need to reach the right audience for their opportunities.

Innovative solutions and audience-reach are the combined strengths of Atlantic Canada’s HR technology leaders, CareerBeacon and Alongside. CareerBeacon, Atlantic Canada’s top career website, teamed up with the Moncton-based HR tech startup Alongside in 2017. Both companies wanted to make connecting talent with opportunities easier and create a better experience for both employers and job seekers.

One of their first steps was to offer employers the advanced candidate management functionality of the latest applicant tracking software. This allows companies to create a hiring pipeline, identify top talent, and easily communicate with candidates throughout the hiring process.

Since then, the two have gone on to completely rebrand and update the job board and MyBeacon user experience to make finding, saving, and applying for jobs easier for candidates. Reflecting the way most people search for jobs today, this newly redesigned site is focused on being mobile-friendly. This allows people to find and apply for opportunities whenever they want, from wherever they are.

The partnership between the region’s HR tech leaders continues to yield state-of-the-art options for helping companies reach, engage with, and recruit the talent they need.

“We’re very excited about our ongoing partnership with Alongside,” says CareerBeacon’s Jason Warren. “Adding the strength of their software to the reach of CareerBeacon creates a unique recruitment platform that gives employers a competitive edge in sourcing the best and brightest candidates for their open positions. This latest release significantly adds to that advantage.”

These latest offerings from CareerBeacon and Alongside include the new Employer Services – a central hub allowing employers to manage all their current and future CareerBeacon job postings from a single convenient dashboard – and the Employer Showcase feature which allows employers the ability to easily highlight and promote their employer brand to attract more candidates to their company and entice them to apply.

“This partnership is uniquely positioned to help employers reach and engage with the top talent they need, in that it brings together the assets of an established large organization with the agility of a growing startup company,” says Alongside’s Co-founder and CEO Yves Boudreau. “We each bring something different to the table, and our goals are aligned with a focus on continuing to offer the latest recruiting solutions to employers and job seekers alike.”

“Connecting companies with talented people who are seeking opportunities help make organizations and individuals more successful,” adds Warren. “And that is the driving mission of both of our teams.”

Whether you’re looking for a new job or have a position that needs filling, visit the new today to put the latest technology on the region’s top job board to work for you.

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