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Perks Unleashed:

Grasp the potential of employee benefits.

Discover the evolution and new trends of employee perks.

Benefits Matter


of employees feel that companies are responsible for caring for their workforce*.

*MetLife Employee Benefit Trends Study, 2023.

1. Understand benchmarks

Get inspired by how other forward-thinking companies are implementing benefits.

2. Act creatively

Discover new perk ideas that will allow you to think out of the box.

3. Master key metrics

Know how to measure the impact of your benefits initiatives.

After reading the guide you will 

Improve your benefits game!

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Why this eBook is a must-read

Align with global trends

Understand how Canada fits into the larger global movement towards pay transparency and equitable workplace practices.

Attract and retain talent

Learn why transparent pay practices can make your company more attractive to top talent and help retain your best employees.

Build trust and reputation

See how transparency can enhance your company's reputation, build trust internally with employees, and set a standard within your industry.


Some of the guide's topics:

  • A detailed overview of policy timelines in Canada and abroad with global trend context. 

  • Strategic business case breakdown exploring the benefits and challenges.  

  • Actionable steps to make the transition as smooth and effective as possible.

  • Real-world examples from companies who have proactively implemented pay transparency policies.

  • A glimpse into the future of pay transparency and equity in Canada.

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