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A Fresh Look at Your CareerBeacon Dashboard

Dive In
  • Writer's pictureThe CareerBeacon Team

Updated: Apr 2

We've made some tweaks to your CareerBeacon Dashboard so that you get to see the metrics that matter the most!

Note: These changes will go live on April 3rd from 8 am to 12 pm. Some platform disruptions may happen. However, we expect everything to run smoothly 😎🚀

With insights from our always-engaging Head of Product, Ryan Porter, we're here to walk you through the exciting features and benefits this update brings to your recruitment strategy. Let’s dive in!

Watch the full video update:

Where Magic Meets Management

Remember how meticulously you organize your Magic The Gathering card collection? That's how we want you to feel about managing your job postings. The new dashboard is crafted to ensure your jobs are as organized and accessible, letting you monitor their performance with ease.

All Your Jobs, One View

Gone are the days of toggling between pages to manage your listings. With our update, you land directly on the Jobs View upon login, where every job, regardless of its status, is at your fingertips through intuitive tabs. It’s all about making your workflow as seamless as possible.

Analytics at Your Fingertips

For jobs older than 48 hours, you'll now have direct access to vital analytics. See how your postings perform in terms of impressions, views, apply starters, and applications completed. This data empowers you to make informed decisions and tweaks to attract the right candidates.

Note: If you’re managing applications externally, remember that application data won’t be collected.

Boost Your Job Visibility

Promote your posting with ease! Want to give your job posting a visibility boost? It's now as simple as clicking a button directly from your job listing. Choose from our range of add-ons to ensure your vacancy gets the attention it deserves, right when you need it.

Archive for the Memories

We all have those items we can’t part with! Similarly, our new archive feature lets you keep older job postings out of the way but stored safely for when you need them again. It’s the perfect balance between keeping your dashboard tidy and retaining valuable data.

Ready to Explore?

We're excited for you to experience the enhanced efficiency and organization of our overhauled jobs view. We’re committed to making your hiring process as smooth and effective as possible.

Have questions or feedback? We're all ears! Drop us an email or click the chat icon on your dashboard.

Until next time, happy hiring!

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