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Alongside has acquired CareerBeacon

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Alongside acquires CareerBeacon to further assist employers in their recruiting efforts and help job seekers find their next great career opportunity.

Today is an exciting day for CareerBeacon! We’re thrilled to share that we have been acquired by Alongside, a Moncton-based human resource technology company designed to help employers become more successful in their hiring efforts. What does this mean for the CareerBeacon brand and our customers? Read on to find out.

The great news is that the CareerBeacon brand will remain intact, and the majority of CareerBeacon’s employees will be a part of the transition. There will also be no impact for CareerBeacon’s customers and job seekers; that is because since 2017, our companies have been in a strategic partnership where Alongside led CareerBeacon through a full-rebrand, website update, and platform revamp. Today, Alongside operates the entire platform, including back-end administration, payment system management, technical support processes, and more. Therefore, no data migration will be required, and there will be absolutely no interruptions. All of our customer contracts will also be honoured, and all job posting credits and pricing will remain exactly the same.

“We’re grateful for having had the opportunity to partner and work closely with CareerBeacon over the past few years. Today, I am beyond thrilled that we are in a position to acquire CareerBeacon, for which we have big plans such as enhancing its offering and breadth of tools available to assist employers in their recruiting efforts and to help job seekers find their next great career opportunity.”- Yves Boudreau, Alongside.

What are Alongside’s expansion plans for CareerBeacon?

What is very exciting is that Alongside has big plans for CareerBeacon, including expanding to more markets across Canada and releasing updates that will create more value for job seekers and employers.

Updates that will increase employers’ chances of success with improved functionality and visibility for their job postings. For job seekers, we are fully committed to equipping them with additional tools and guidance in their search for life-changing career opportunities. We will provide additional insights on the future of CareerBeacon soon. Stay tuned!

Thank you for being a part of our journey

We want to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers who have been with us along the way. Over the past 18 years, we have grown and evolved tremendously in the HR technology space. Our mission has always been to create a recruiting site that makes it easy for companies to find and connect with top talent. This acquisition creates so many opportunities for growth, and we are so excited to see where Alongside takes CareerBeacon in the near future.

If you have additional questions related to this acquisition announcement, please review our FAQs.


The CareerBeacon Team

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