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Comment attirer plus de candidats et créer des offres d'emploi attrayantes à l'aide de l'IA.


Comment attirer plus de candidats et créer des offres d'emploi attrayantes à l'aide de l'IA.

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What everyone at a company makes

Do you ever wonder what everyone around you is making? Where do you stack up? Salaries at most companies are extremely wide-ranging. And unless you work at one of those places where everyone knows what everyone else is making, it’s hard to know and even to guess what your colleagues are earning.

Well, I can’t tell you what everyone makes at every type of organization. But for fun, and to give you an idea, we made a list of the employees one would probably find at a small Canadian software business, and listed their salaries as found on Payscale, from the receptionist to the CEO, and everyone in between.

Note that people doing the same job are often paid different amounts, even at the same company. And these are averages. Where you live also makes a big difference.

We came up with the list by looking at several companies. But no two are alike. And you’ll likely find more than one of some team members at a company – several developers and account managers, for example.

Here’s what everyone makes at a software company in Canada:

CEO. Highest ranking executive who ultimately is in charge of a company and all its business decisions. $147,469

Chief Operating Officer (COO). Executive level director in charge of operations, second in command to the CEO. $129,720

Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Executive level director who oversees all financial operations. $134,452

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Executive level director in charge of all technological initiatives and developments. $144,523.

VP Sales. Director who oversees sales on a global, regional, or national level. $119,604

VP Marketing. Director in charge of all marketing efforts. $124,413

VP Technology. Director of all of a company’s technology projects, including the tech teams. $137,343

Marketing Manager. Oversees marketing. $60,841

Client Services Manager. Manages client services and ensures customers receive good support. $65,061

Product Manager. Manages the development of products. $82,174

Project Manager. Manages specific projects from conception through execution and completion. $79,043

Human Resources Manager. Manages employee policies and procedures. $68,160

Customer Success Manager. Manages customer satisfaction and retention. $55,736

Software Engineer. Develops the functions of the software as part of the development team. $70,009

Software Developer. Designs and develops software. $62,375

User Experience Designer. Responsible for making the product and its functionalities user-friendly. $58,674

Senior Account Executive. Seeks out new clients and accounts, responsible for achieving sales and profitability targets. $74,763

Account Manager. Manages relationships with specific customers, or “accounts.” $50,927

Database Administrator. Maintains server efficiency, data availability, and data security. $66,237

Network Administrator. Maintains the company computer and network systems. $53,666

Talent Acquisition Specialist. Recruits new employees to the company. $54,481

Accounts Payable Coordinator. Takes care of paying a company’s bills. $41,961

Executive Assistant. Provides administrative support to executive-level management. $52,241

Office Manager. Makes sure things run smoothly. Manages the office and administrative staff. $48,577

Copywriter. Also known as a “content writer.” Provides written marketing and web copy, and other required writing. $46,531

Receptionist. Greets guests, answers the phone, takes messages, provides administrative support. $14.54/hr

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