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Welcome Serge Boudreau, CareerBeacon’s VP of Business Development

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By Yves Boudreau, CEO of

I’m excited to welcome Serge Boudreau as our new VP of Business Development (no, we are not related, if you’re wondering). Serge is an exceptional addition to our team. He brings a breadth of experience to the table and fully aligns with our mission to guide job seekers to career success.

Instrumental Growth Opportunities

I first met Serge when I was a guest on his podcast, The Recruitment Flex, Canada’s #1 HR Podcast. Upon meeting him, I was impressed with his knowledge of the HR tech space and vision for a more meaningful experience for job seekers. In the days that followed, we got to know each other better. It quickly became apparent that he was exactly who we needed to lead the growth of our business.

During his 20 year career, Serge was instrumental in the HR industry. He helped Workopolis grow its Western Canada footprint. Later, he joined Indeed Canada as Director for Western Canada and Quebec, where he was responsible for launching enterprise and agency teams in those markets. He also led the talent acquisition function for many leading brands.

Perfect Timing and a Perfect Match

Since acquiring CareerBeacon in December 2021, we have been busy innovating our product and growing our team. With the goal of establishing a prominent position that will light the way for the industry by championing the job seeker and empathizing with their journey.

Serge joining the team is so timely. He will be helping us deliver our promise for a better job seeker experience and he will be utilizing his unique combination of HR industry expertise and sales background to help accelerate our company’s ability to execute on our bold vision to light a better path for the talent acquisition space.

We are ecstatic that you’ve joined our team, Serge. Welcome!

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