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The ten best jobs in Canada right now (how much they pay and how to get them)

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The experts have weighed in on the top roles to be in this year. Based on salary, working conditions, employment outlook and more, these are the country’s best jobs to have as 2017 comes to a close.

The data was compiled by the team over at Canadian Business Magazine. They used information from Statistics Canada and Employment & Social Development Canada to rank the jobs with the highest salaries, greatest increases in hiring, and best long-term hiring momentum.

So, if you are planning your future career moves based on fields with a generous demand for workers, an expanding workforce, and decent pay with opportunities for increased earnings, these are the jobs that came out on top.

10 – Elevator Mechanic

These are the technicians that install, maintain and repair elevators. As Canadian cities become more congested, and we’re increasingly building upwards – taller and taller office towers and condo buildings to fill the core – these professionals are in great demand.

Canadian Business reports that the demand for these workers increased by 94 per cent over the past decade. The median salary is $83,844.

View elevator mechanic jobs available on CareerBeacon.

9 – Lawyer

Of course, we all want to grill the lying witness on the stand until they confess to committing the crime themselves therefore setting free our innocent client, but it’s not just trial lawyers that have some of the best jobs in Canada. Lawyers from articling students to senior partners are included in this ranking.

The demand for Lawyers is up by 12 per cent since 2010, and the median salary is $88,524.

View legal jobs on CareerBeacon.

8 – Economic Development Director

These are government workers who work to expand and diversify their cities’ tax bases. They recruit new businesses, retain existing ones, and help businesses when they can expand operations locally.

The demand for workers in this field has increased by 12 per cent in the past seven years, and the median salary is $114,400.

View economic development jobs on CareerBeacon.

7 – Real Estate & Financial Manager

Real estate managers oversee the daily activities and financial aspects of residential and commercial properties, including mortgages and leasing for homes, apartments, office buildings, and retail stores.

The median salary for these professionals in $103,376 – an amount that has increased by nearly one-third (29 per cent) over the past decade.

View financial services jobs on CareerBeacon.

6 – Telecommunications Manager

Providers of telecommunications services count on managers to supervise operations and maintain their systems. Telecommunications Managers may direct all aspects of a telecommunications system, including installation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

The median salary for Telecommunications Managers has increased by 15 per cent since 2010, and it now sits at $86,528 a year.

View telecommunications manager jobs on CareerBeacon.

5 – Utilities Manager

These professionals supervise the installation and maintenance of utilities such as water, electrical power, natural gas for both private and public sector providers.

They earn a median salary of $112,320 a year in Canada and have seen both demand for workers and average pay increase consistently since 2010.

View utilities manager jobs on CareerBeacon.

4 – Pipefitting Supervisor

A pipefitting supervisor is a senior tradesperson who oversees the installation, assembly, fabrication, maintenance and repair of mechanical piping systems.

The demand for these roles in on the upswing – as it is for many skilled trades roles right now – increasing by 39 per cent over the past decade. The median salary is $89,398.

View pipefitting jobs on CareerBeacon.

3 – Mining & Forestry Manager

Canada is a country that is rich in natural resources. A large part of our economy is built on mining, oil and gas, fisheries and forestry. Managers are needed to oversee the teams that work in these sectors, ensuring safety, staffing levels, adopting best practices and delivering on quotas.

Resources Managers make a median salary of just over six figures at $100,006. Employment in this capacity has increased by 39 per cent since 2010.

2 – Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners take on more responsibilities for patient care than registered nurses, however not as much as doctors. These healthcare professionals are educated and trained to provide health promotion and maintenance through the diagnosis and treatment of acute illness and chronic conditions.

Nurse practitioners earn a median salary of $84,510 a year. Like most healthcare professionals, and especially nurses, there is considered to be a shortage of Nurse Practitioners on the market, with the demand for workers only increasing.

View nurse practitioner jobs on CareerBeacon.

1 – Public Administration Director

Public administration directors are responsible for managing large branches of government services. This includes the implementation of policies and programs as well as budgeting and hiring and training staff.

The median salary for Public Administration Directors is $106,662. There has been a nearly forty per cent (39 per cent) increase in the demand for people in these roles over the past decade.

View public administration jobs available on CareerBeacon.

Of course, what no job ranking list can take into account is your individual interests. Even if the pay is good and there are plenty of opportunities, it’s still not a great job if you are bored by the work or hate the sector. So, be sure to take that into account. However, if your priorities when choosing a career path are jobs with above average pay and enviable employment outlook, these are the ten roles that rank the highest right now.

Visit Canadian Business for their complete ranking of the year’s 25 best jobs.

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