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Kickstart Your Career: The 10 Most In-Demand Entry-Level Jobs Right Now

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Let’s face it. June 2020 is a strange time to be graduating from school and looking to launch a career. Much of the economy is still shut down, companies aren’t holding face-to-face job interviews, and – even if they were – it’s hard to make a professional first impression when you haven’t had a haircut in three months.

Take heart. We all understand about the hair. You haven’t gone feral, you’ve been socially responsible. And as for opportunities, they are still out there. More and more businesses are starting to open up – and many never closed at all.

Analyzing usage on their platform, the professional social networking site LinkedIn has compiled a list of the ten most in-demand entry-level positions for the spring of 2020. Helpfully, they also provided a shortlist of the skills you’ll need to land each of them.

We have hundreds of open opportunities for entry-level candidates right here on CareerBeacon. Take a look at who’s hiring, and make your next big career move today.

The top 10 most in-demand entry-level jobs right now

The most in-demand entry-level jobs right now tend to be in Healthcare, Transportation and Information Technology.

Material handler

Goods are still moving. Home delivery is booming and the store shelves need restocking. (We don’t want to see a resurgence of the great toilet paper shortage.) The top skills required for material handlers include operating a forklift, shipping and receiving, and order picking.

Foodservice worker

Restaurants are going to be opening soon – with a whole new set of safety rules and precautions. Plus take-out and delivery have been thriving as people order from their favourite spots during the shutdown. Among the top skills, you’ll need for these roles are time management, customer service, and of course, food preparation.


The IT sector never really shut down, as technology allows most of these jobs to be done remotely. In addition, more and more businesses are scrambling to bring up their online presence and e-commerce capabilities. Developers are in high demand, especially those with HTML, Big Data, and Git skills.


From lab techs to health and safety, manufacturing, and maintenance technicians, these professionals are sought after across the spectrum of sectors right now. The top skills include HVAC, electrical troubleshooting, and EPA.

System engineer

Systems engineers play an important part in the success of businesses across sectors. They lay the foundation or blueprint for systems to begin conception, production, and maintenance of vital business operations.

Some of the sought-after skills include VMWare, system administration, and Windows server.

Customer service specialist

The most sought-after customer service specialists are empathetic, professional, and positive people in all situations. They also have the ability to communicate well with partners, coworkers, and customers. Other top skills that employers look for are accurate data entry and time management.

Java software engineer

Java software engineers design and develop computer and mobile applications using the Java programming language. Some of the top skills for these roles include Spring Framework, Hibernate, and, of course, Java.

Physician assistant

Physician Assistants (PAs) are highly skilled health care professionals who work with physicians to provide health care. They can work in any clinic setting to extend physician services, complement existing services and help with improving access to health care. Some of the top skills required are Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Suturing, and Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

Surgical technician

Surgical technicians are sometimes also called a scrubs, scrub techs, surgical technologists, or operating room technicians. They are a vital part of the operating room team that delivers surgical care to patients. Required skills include Surgical Assisting, Patient Safety, and Basic Life Support.

Product manager

Project managers oversee a team to ensure that the goals are achieved and the work is completed on schedule. They coordinate the activities of various contributors, communicate between teams and stakeholders, schedule tasks and report on progress. Employers are looking for candidates with these on their resume: Product Management, Product Strategy, and Product Development.

The thing about entry-level jobs is that they are a jumping-off point. A place to start. Conscientious, hard-working people don’t stay in entry-level positions for long. So, even if it isn’t your ideal job, if you’re offered a role, you should consider taking it.

It is far easier to prove your value and work your way up from the inside than it is to land an coveted position with little experience. Once you’re hired, come in early and stay late. Take any opportunity to work on projects for other departments so that you can network internally and learn as much as possible about the company and what everyone does there.

Hard work, enthusiasm, and a positive attitude are the real most sought-after attributes of a candidate for any job.

See the full report on getting hired for new grads in 2020 from LinkedIn.

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