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Three Reasons You Should Hire Job Hoppers

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Human Resource professionals and hiring managers are conditioned to screen out folks that demonstrate a lot of movement between jobs.  Job hopping gets a bad reputation because the employer thinks there won’t be a long-term commitment with their organization.  After all, the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

Given the costs associated with recruitment and turnover for certain positions, the concerns of these prospective employers can be totally valid.  Realistically though, these costs aren’t uniform across all positions and some roles don’t bring additional value with long-term employee commitment.  This is where a job hopper could be a great fit.  Consider a job hopper for entry-level positions or for roles in your organization that could benefit from fresh thoughts and faces.

The world is changing and the workforce is becoming dominated by millennial values of continuous learning and curiosity.  This shift to a more transient workforce will force some change in how organizations think about recruitment.

Here are three big reasons you should hire a job hopper today:

A Job Hopper Is Comfortable With Change

Change is the nature of most organizations today.  Job hoppers move around frequently which means they’re comfortable with managing through this change.  Given the significant costs associated with change management, consider the adaptability of the job hopper a way to save your organization some money.

A Job Hopper Brings Diverse Experience

A job hopper has experience from different organizational cultures and processes.  Your organization can learn from the job hopper’s diverse background and implement best practices.  On top of this, a job hopper has worked with lots of different people.  If they’ve been successful in past roles, they’re probably got great relationship building skills.

You’ve Got More Flexibility with The Offer

The job hopper might not be looking for a longer-term employment contract and pricey benefits programs.  By restructuring the job offer for this prospective employee to provide the specific items they value, you’re again positioned to save your company some money.

Hire a hopper.  When they join your organization, they’re sure to start adding value right away.  After all, they’re used to jumping right in.

BIO – Shauna Cole

Shauna is a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) with a Master’s Degree in Business (MBA) and Undergraduate Degree in Communications (BA).

She provides career guidance, resume writing and human resources consulting services.  Her Human Resources Boutique will launch in February 2018.

Follow Shauna for more information on the launch and free career tips.

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