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Comment attirer plus de candidats et créer des offres d'emploi attrayantes à l'aide de l'IA.


Comment attirer plus de candidats et créer des offres d'emploi attrayantes à l'aide de l'IA.

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How to get back into the job search

If you’ve been out of the game for a while, it can take some work to get back in. Here are some tips on how to get back into the job search.

The job search has been hard for some time. It’s been frustrating and has left a lot of people feeling dejected. Some people have had the luxury of being able to step back and take a break, maybe because you had some savings, had a partner to support you, qualified for COVID-related relief, or received a severance package after being laid off. But eventually you probably have to get back into the job search game.

If you’ve been out for a while, it can be hard to gather the energy to start again. Or even know where to start.

Here are eight steps you can take to get back into the job search.

Step one: Start with revamping your resume

  1. Cut out anything unnecessary.

  2. Update your experience.

  3. Fill or explain gaps.

  4. Check your contact information.

  5. Update your skills.

  6. Edit.

  7. Proofread.

Step two: update your LinkedIn profile

  1. Update your photo.

  2. Read your bio. Does it need revisions?

  3. Update your skills and experience.

  4. Make some new connections.

  5. Create some posts.

  6. Interact with other people’s posts.

  7. Write an article.

Step three: start looking for and applying for jobs

Look for jobs that fit your skillset and goals and apply for them! Be sure to tailor your resume and cover letter to each one. Do this every day from now on. See available jobs on CareerBeacon.

Step four: reconnect with people in your network

We’re supposed to stay connected with people always and not only reach out when we need something, so you’ve been doing that right? Of course you have. But, in case you haven’t, now is the time to start sending those messages that you just wanted to say hi and check in, see how things are going. Don’t ask for any help. Just say hello and hopefully when you do need help, they’ll be available. Do this with a few people every day.

Step five: give the rest of your social media accounts some love

Do your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram need revamps? Get it done. If you haven’t posted in a while, get posting. Remove any posts that may show questionable judgment, update photos, connect with friends and industry people.

Step six: learn some new things

Read things that are relevant to your goals, like articles or books. Watch webinars and take courses. Stay engaged and keep learning every day, whenever you have a spare moment. This will keep you going and help you maintain motivation and momentum when the monotony of the job search gets you down.

Step seven: get some exercise

Get moving daily. Walk, run, do yoga, dance, do anything that gets your blood pumping and adrenaline and endorphins going. This will also help you keep going and maintain motivation and momentum. Exercise also boosts confidence, which we all need when job searching or trying advance our careers.

Step eight: open yourself to possibility

The path that you are on today may not be the path you will be on next week and the jobs you’re applying for today may not be the only ones to which you are suited. Keep your mind open and awake to possibility as you read, learn, and connect with and expand your network. You might find yourself in a different place than you expected to be.

Do these things, apply for jobs daily, keep talking with your connections, and try not to let rejection and silence get you down. Because, if you’re like most people, you will encounter these things. The important thing is not to dwell on them and to keep moving until you reach your goals.

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