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Comment attirer plus de candidats et créer des offres d'emploi attrayantes à l'aide de l'IA.


Comment attirer plus de candidats et créer des offres d'emploi attrayantes à l'aide de l'IA.

  • Writer's pictureKate Dole

Five Valuable Digital Skills You Probably Already Have (That Ought To Be in Your Resume Now)

You don’t need to be an IT professional or a computer science grad to be proficient in some of the most sought-after tech skills in Canada right now. Digital skills are needed in the workplace across industries. If you grew up in the era of social media, you probably have a number of valuable abilities that may not even be listed on your resume.

If you’ve been practicing some of these in your spare time, consider highlighting them in your future job applications.

Photo editing

Of course, you can crop a photo. Who hasn’t had to remove an ex from a group shot? But can you take it one step further? If you can manipulate images, combine two different scenes into one, or change the colour of a background, then you’re into more advanced photo editing territory.

Have you ever fixed red eye, corrected the contrast, or added layers or captions to a digital photo? Most businesses professional-looking pictures with flaws or logos removed, and people or products shown in their best light.

Highlight your skills at taking, editing, and perfecting great looking photos in your resume.

Video production

For internal communications, social posts, and much more, most companies value having in-house videos produced. Do you have a YouTube channel? Have you shared your video posts on Instagram? The ability to shoot and share video content, set up proper lighting and sound, and edit digital videos for a polished piece of content can make you a valuable asset to a company.

List video production and editing amongst your skillsets, and even better, create a portfolio of your best work.

Social media

Just about every brand now maintains a social media presence, and some of them are much better at it than others. Some just don’t get it. We’ve all seen those companies whose only ‘social’ posts are one-way blasts of their corporate messaging and ads. I was once in a meeting where a VP demanded to know why I hadn’t created a Tinder profile for the brand. (I don’t think he knew what Tinder was; he had just heard that it was popular.)

If you have built up a following on a couple of platforms, have shared a variety of content formats, and know how to read audience reactions and respond appropriately, you could have the social media expertise to help steer an organization’s online communications.

Big brands may have a whole team dedicated to their social media accounts, and this can be a full-time marketing job for some people. Smaller companies might need people with these expertise to take on the role – alongside another job they might be doing.

Either way, if you have those valuable skills and a demonstrable online presence, showcase them in your resume. They are sought-after abilities to have and can set you apart from the competition for jobs.


Your personal blog demonstrates more in-demand skills than just your ability to write. (Although, of course, good writing is itself a sought-after skill across sectors. And if your blog topic aligns with the sector you want to work in, so much the better.) Just that fact that you have set up a URL, chosen a layout, and are posting regular content using Wix, WordPress or another content management platform proves that you are tech-savvy and creative. That is a valuable combination of attributes.

Have you formatted your posts, illustrated them with relevant pictures, created a mixture of text, video, and image content? That gives you a solid portfolio of a large set of in-demand digital skills. Show it off to potential employers.


You don’t have to be a computer programmer to capitalize on the programming you may have. Listing those abilities on your resume can help you land a job even outside of the IT department. Employers value tech-savvy employees who keep up with the latest tools and trends in technology and communications. This shows that you keep your skills up to date and you have the ability to contribute in a digital environment.

Even if you can’t build apps or write original software, list the coding or design skills that you do have.

All of those hours you spent with your laptop and tablet working on creative projects just for yourself could give your career a boost. Even if you’re not in a technical field, those tech skills you’ve honed and practiced can greatly increase your marketability for many jobs.

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